Hugs are the Key to Inner Beauty and Happiness

If you’re feeling stressed or down, hugs can help to bring you back up. Learn more about the link between hugs and happiness with NIVEA.


12 Simple Gardening Tips

Cultivating a garden can be a very rewarding experience, even for those who don’t have “green thumbs”. Find some ways to up your gardening game here.


Don’t Sweat about Your Career Path

It is up to us to manage our work/life balance and maintain our levels of stress in the workplace. Find out here how you can manage stress levels at work.


Making the Most of Your School Holidays

Sometimes it’s tricky to keep kids occupied during school holidays. We’ve put together a list for school holiday activities that can help, find it here.


The 10 Best Ways to Relax After Work

To help your mind and body relax and rejuvenate every day after work, we have found 10 of the best ways to help you enjoy some ‘me time’. Try these tips today!


Keeping Active Later in Life

Regular exercise assists in keeping your mind sharp and body healthy by reducing the risk of disease and disability. Read our tips & keep active today.


12 Travel Tips For Your Next Holiday

Being active is the best way to boost your odds of ageing well and living longer. Stay active by learning about these 12 travel tips for your next holiday.


Benefits Of A Relaxing Bath

A bath is a great way to unwind and forget about a stressful day. Learn about the benefits of a relaxing bath and how to make bath time more fun with NIVEA!


Achieving a Work-Life Balance

Struggling to tackle the demands of a career, family & leisure time? Find the right work-life balance with these tips & tricks – Leave daily stress behind you!


Goodbye Stress: How to relieve stress

Stress is proven to be detrimental to both our physical and mental health. These important tips will show you how to relieve stress in your everyday life!


Relaxation Exercises for Inner Balance

Make sure that you take time out from your everyday stresses to relax. Follow these steps to effectively reduce stress and to help find your inner equilibrium.


Massage: Caressing Your Inner Beauty

Massages have been used by civilisations for centuries to help reduce stress and to aid relaxation. Follow these tips to help restore your inner equilibrium!


Inner Beauty

It’s just as important to take care of your inner beauty as it is you’re outer. Finding balance and relaxation in your life is crucial. Read our tips here!


8 Time Saving Beauty Tips

Don’t let your beauty routine go by the wayside because you’re pressed for time. Follow our 8 time saving tips to take minutes off your grooming time here.

Beauty Tips

Fun Summer Activities

Find fun summer activities to enjoy in pleasant sunny weather, with NIVEA’s list of ideas, and tips and advice.


How to Achieve a Balanced Lifestyle

If you feel as though you could use some help to restore the balance in your life, we have some handy hints to get you started.


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